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Gateway Immigration Services is registered with the department of Home Affairs and we have an incredible track record of success to date and is a specialist South African Work Permit facilitator

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Gateway Immigration Services monitors each and every submission we submit to reduce the time you have to wait.

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South African Work Permit & Immigration Specialists

Gateway Immigration Services provides South African Work Permit services to some of South Africa's largest companies.


“Words cannot express how tremendously grateful I am to Phillip Silver for his sincere compassion and legal assistance during one of the most challenging times in my life.

While coming highly-recommended to me by an honorable friend of mine, Mr. Silver’s level of expertise and professionalism surpassed even my greatest expectations. Aside from his obvious skill and remarkable success rate, Phillip Silver is genuinely committed to his clients.

Regardless of the time or the importance of my matter, every phone call and email was promptly and personally returned. With each circumstance that arose, Phillip gave practical advice and supplied necessary information to allow me to make my own informed decisions. He guided me through the daunting visa process, yet never lost his patience despite my frequent and overwhelming inquiries. He provided a support system and served as a mentor, exceeding the scope of what lawyers today are expected to do.

Simply put, lawyers like Phillip Silver are truly and exceptionally rare. Though it goes without saying, I would never hesitate to use or refer his outstanding services in the future. Thank you Phillip.”

Nigora Karimova

Latest News

Grace period given By Home Affairs

The Department of Home Affairs have extended the date for the requirement of an unabridged birth certificate to accompany a parents while traveling. Published: 10 June 2014 by the department of home affairs 10 June 2014 Pretoria – The Department of Home Affairs has provided a grace period to allow children to travel with parents […]

Quota Work Permit Holders:

Quota Work Permit Holders: All current holders of Quota work permit who are required to submit annual reports as a condition of their permit are advised to follow the procedure mentioned below: 1. Previously the client would approach the regional office of Home Affairs and submit the required documents as part of their reporting. With […]

New Immigration Regulations

Quick review of the Amendments to the Immigration Regulations: How the Immigration law will affect you as a foreigner living in South Africa Issues by the Department of home affairs on there website: To view the new Immigration Regulations Visas to temporarily Sojourn in RSA All applicants must submit his/her application in person A change […]

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