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This assessment is for us to ascertain eligibility for Temporary Residence Visa, once completed and assessed we will contact you with information about whether you qualify and if so what our charges will be to assist you in obtaining a Visa.
Department of Home AffairsDisclaimer: Gateway Immigration Services immigration practitioners have been tested and are registered by the South African Department of Home Affairs. Our Immigration Practitioner Registration Number is 2007/01/0268. All our services comply with the Immigration Act of South Africa. Our consultancy services are unavailable through government channels. The application forms used during the immigration process can also be collected free of charge at any Department of Home Affairs office.

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Health & Character Details

Do you have a communicable disease; physical or mental disorder; or are you a drug abuser or addict?

Have you ever been charged or convicted of a crime in any country?

Have you ever been or are you now involved in espionage or sabotage; or in terrorist activities; or genocide?

Are you seeking to work in the South Africa?

Have you ever been excluded and deported; or been previously removed from the South Africa or procured or attempted to procure a visa or entry into the South Africa by fraud or misrepresentation?

Have you ever detained, retained or withheld custody of a child from a South African citizen granted custody of the child?

Have you ever been denied a South Africa visa or entry into the South Africa or had a South Africa visa canceled?

Have you ever asserted immunity from prosecution?

Detailed Information

Is your partner accompanying you to the South Africa?

Do you (or your partner) have any dependent children who will be accompanying you?

Do you have a job?

If yes, what is the company name?

What Position will you fill?

Where is your job based?

Do you have a letter of appointment for a new job?

When are you going to start the new job?

What are your qualifications?

Do you have 5 years relevant work experience?

Are you registered with the relevant profession body (if applicable)?

Are you legal in South Africa?

Do you have a Visa?

What type of visa?

how long have you had it?

When does it expire? (Please provide a Date)

What level of education do you have?

Do you have your original degree/diploma in SA?

Do you have a SAQA certificate?

Do you have family in South Africa?

Do you wish to invest in South Africa?

Do you wish to invest in South Africa?

Are you married?

Is your spouse a South African citizen?

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