Temporary Residence

The following Temporary residence categories are available:

Work Visas

  • General Work Visa
    • o   Any skilled foreigner can apply for any position
    • o   Valid for 5 years
    • o   Extendable
  • Critical Skills Work Visa
    • o   Must qualify under the critical skills List
    • o   Valid for 5 years
    • o   Extendable
  • Inter-company Transfer Work Visa
    • o   Available to foreigner employees being transferred to South Africa
    • o   Valid for 5 years
    • o   Not extendable


  • Visitors permit may be issued to a foreign national in respect of visits to South Africa for all temporary purposes, which shall not include work. The holder of a visitors permit may not conduct work

Port of entry Visa

  • Transit Visa


  • Study permits in South Africa are issued for foreigners who are looking to study at a South African accredited learning institute and reside in South Africa.

Business/Self Employment:

  • Business permits/ self-employment in South Africa are issued to foreigners who are looking to conduct their own business. The South African Department of Home affairs issues business permits/Self Employment permits to immigrants who meet the current criteria.

Corporate permits

  • The Corporate Permit may be issued to a corporate applicant to employ foreigners who may take up employment for the applicant for a limited period of time.
  • These permits are issued to South African based companies, offering the possibility to employ great numbers of employees from abroad.
  • Once the Corporate Permit has been approved, the individual employees may obtain work permits in a fast-tracked and cost-saving procedure.


  • The medical treatment permit covers medical treatment at a private or public hospital or health facility or any other bona fide institution of treatment.

Treaty Visa

  • A treaty permit is an official document that gives foreigners permission to enter South Africa to participate in programmes that have been agreed upon by South Africa and the visitors’ respective countries. Applications can be made at any South African embassy or mission abroad.

Crew Visa

  • A crew permit is issued to a foreigner who is a member of the crew of a ship. A crew permit may be issued for a maximum of three months at a time. Applications can be made at a port of entry in South Africa.

Volunteer Visa

  • Volunteer visa’s are required for all foreigners who wish to take up non remunerative or charitable activities with bona fide institutions inside South Africa

Retired Person Visa

  • A retired or financially independent person may apply for temporary residence in this category provided he/she complies with the requirements

Exchange Visa

  • This category of temporary residence permit is designed to cover persons participating in programmes of cultural, economic or social exchange organized by an organ of state or a public higher educational institution, in conjunction with an organ of a foreign state

Life partner

  • Life partner Visa are issued to foreigners who are immigrating to South Africa with a South African Partner (life partner) with whom they are in a permanent relationship

Spousal Visa

  • Spousal Visa / visa’s for immigration to South Africa are issued in the case of a permanent Homosexual or heterosexual relationship of a South African citizen or permanent residency holder wishing to reside in South Africa.